Our story begins with Laney, an average mother with a passion for discounts, vigorously performing bicep curls with liters of shampoo while looking in the mirror, shouting “think of how shiny your hair will be!” She’s strengthening her arms for what she considers her Super Bowl, but what in reality is Beauty Brands’ annual Liter Sale. With shampoo prices so low, the stakes for Laney–and Beauty Brands­–were incredibly high.

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When Beauty Brands approached DEG to create a cross-channel marketing campaign, the Liter Sale was less than two months away. To reach the level of success Beauty Brands was aiming for, we needed to create a fresh concept that would captivate Beauty Brands’ audience on every channel—and we’d have to do it quickly.

Beauty Brands' Liter Sale Laney

Gifs, boomerangs, and Instagram stories boosted the campaign’s organic reach and gave Beauty Brands an easy way to engage with its customers on social media.

In the span of a week from assignment to concept to approval, the Liter Sale’s fictional superfan Laney was born. We knew Beauty Brands’ customers would find her intense-yet-goofy nature relatable, and her excitement would be contagious.

Two months later, the campaign was live. Laney stormed across Beauty Brands’ channels. Although the campaign primarily lived on digital platforms, it also included traditional TV and radio ads. DEG used the two days of video footage from the commercial shoot to create gifs, boomerangs, and Instagram stories, all with the intent to boost Beauty Brands’ organic reach and visibility on social media, which was the campaign’s main platform.

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We used several tactics to engage Beauty Brands’ customers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Along with general promotional posts, DEG leveraged social listening to identify conversations around shampoo and conditioner that Beauty Brands could naturally insert itself into. Campaign gifs provided the brand with an easy and fun way to connect with their customers.

Our understanding of developing social platforms and the strategic decision to implement social listening enabled us to create a campaign that effectively reached and engaged Beauty Brands’ audience, who responded well to Laney’s humor. Gifs and videos of Laney proved to be a key element in the campaign’s success with social engagement.

To learn more about Beauty Brands’ Liter Sale campaign and see its results, read the full case study.

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