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One of the most common problems businesses face is a disconnect between its associates and the company’s voice. Sure, companies can rely on email updates or intranets to stay in touch with employees. But while these can be excellent vehicles for cultivating connectedness, they lack an important feature. Brands can’t only provide an internal voice to employees and do nothing to extend the reach of its voice to potential customers.

That’s where Amplify comes in.

What is Amplify?

Amplify is Hootsuite’s employee advocacy and social-selling application that makes it simple for hundreds or thousands of employees to share an organization’s content, stay connected to its mission, and increase the brand’s reach. It acts as a bulletin board for associates to grab content and share it from their personal social media accounts to their own networks—so not only is the brand itself sharing the news, but so is Jim from accounting and Tammy in sales. Amplify enables brands to share anything from industry trends and company news to blog posts and job openings.

Along with its functionality, Amplify offers employees the option to schedule their posts, edit curated content to their liking, and even suggest content ideas for later use on the company’s profiles. It also contains admin features, such as analytics and post promotion, that allow Amplify to easily fit into any team’s existing social process.

Micro-Influencers and Brand Advocacy

Micro-influencers are changing the marketplace, as the overuse of mega-influencers and celebrity endorsements is causing fatigue for marketers and consumers.

Micro-influencers are changing the marketplace, and platforms like Amplify are leading the charge. The overuse of mega-influencers and celebrity endorsements is causing fatigue for marketers and consumers. This is likely due to the downfall of the public’s trust in institutions that has taken place in the last few years.

For example, Edelman’s 2017 Trust Barometer states that only 37 percent of the public trusts CEOs and 85 percent of the public lacks faith in the entire system as a whole. Thanks to this shift, “someone just like me” is being looked at as the trusted expert, and brands are taking notice.

The primary strength of Amplify is that it is designed to create and empower micro-influencers—employees, advocates, customer communities, and influencers—and place them in the center of an organization’s marketing strategy.

DEG’s Implementation Story

The primary strength of Amplify is that it is designed to create and empower micro-influencers.

As a company experiencing rapid growth, and in our efforts to keep up with the latest and greatest in enterprise-level tools, it was a simple decision for DEG to utilize Amplify. We began the implementation process by launching a pilot group with a small number of employees. The pilot program allowed our marketing and social teams to learn about the best practices for using Amplify—including what types of content to share and how to strategically implement a process for a larger group.

After a few months of fine-tuning, our marketing team regrouped and developed a launch plan and ongoing strategy for Amplify. Here is a brief overview of our timeline:

Week 1: Dedicated a section of a regular internal newsletter announcing the upcoming launch of Amplify
Week 2: Deployed an all-company “Welcome to Amplify” email
Week 2, same day: Deployed an all-company email with training event details and calendar invite
Week 3: Hosted a Lunch & Learn training event open to entire company
Week 3, next day: Sent a follow-up email about how to setup Amplify, including documentation

Many companies, DEG included, have implemented Amplify to more efficiently and effectively engage employees with the content they want to share. Our decision to adopt this technology for our own marketing strategy has already yielded a significant amount of interaction, and we’re looking forward to seeing how Amplify will impact our marketing efforts and employee engagement in the long term.

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