Twelve years ago I started working for this little startup called Digital Evolution Group. I’m pretty sure at the time there were only about 10 of us. I was more nervous than I hopefully let on since I had been out of the workforce for more than a year. I had been lucky to stay home with my twins for their first year of life, but I needed to get back to adult conversations and having an income again. The five guys in charge of this little company took a chance on me, bringing me to job share on the front desk duties. Through the years we’ve had plenty of ups and downs (hopefully more up than down!) and just like family, we at DEG continue to bring out the best (and sometimes worst) in one another.


Every year on my work anniversary I take some time to look back on my life and all the changes here at DEG. Oh yes – even the name was a change over time. What was once Digital Evolution Group (and never ever DEG) is now simply DEG. Little adjustments like that have been easy to accept…others were a little more difficult. But so much of our lives are a changing tide, and we just have to flow with it as best we can.

I wrote a post on my own personal blog (with all thoughts, feelings and expressions being mine alone) about my years with this company. The main aspect of DEG life I wrote about involves the culture…and the people. Oh, the people! We’ve lost some and we’ve gained many more. From the little 10-person company that scrambled and hustled and spent too many Saturdays together to a 170+ company with digital job titles that hadn’t even been thought of 12 years ago, we’ve gained…and we’ve grown in so many ways.

We’ve grown in size as a company. We’ve gained experience and skills as associates. And we’ve each added new values and new purpose to our individual lives inside and outside the DEG walls. In the end it’s all the unique individuals – our minds and our souls and our dedication – that truly make this company wonderful. And I’m proud to be a part of it.

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