Today’s marketplace is overrun with options that make it difficult for every brands to stand out. That means it’s more important than ever to understand your consumers’ expectations and preferences in order to meet their needs and, ultimately, turn them into repeat customers.

2019 Social Media Trends: What They Mean for Your Brand

Authenticity is a critical component of grabbing the attention of prospects, engaging customers, and creating advocates. Being authentic involves several tactics, including traditionally produced content. But it also means using your brand to communicate with consumers in a natural manner without coming across as too much of anything that doesn’t fit your brand look and feel.

Here are five ways you can create authentic content:

1. Ephemeral content

Ephemeral content is intended to be new and fresh, so updating frequently is imperative to staying relevant and driving success. Audiences love unique content and the ability to see the natural relationship between a person and brand. Your goal is to elicit an immediate response from your audience and then build engagement and loyalty.

2. Influencer marketing

Customers trust other customers like themselves, which is why we read product reviews before we make a purchase. The more positive reviews, the more likely we are to make the purchase.

Influencers operate in the same way. However, not all influencers are created equal, and the overuse of mega influencers and celebrity endorsements has fatigued marketers and consumers alike (i.e. #FyreFestival). As a result, real customer communities, micro-influencers, and “people like me” are taking center stage.

3. User-generated content

Consumers want authentic content from fellow customers. So, calling on your customers to produce their own content—that fits within your brand and voice—is an authentic and cost-effective way to connect with and influence buyers.

4. Ratings and reviews

Ratings and reviews allow your existing customers to share their opinions and experiences. Each is a great sales tool and means of securing trust in your brand. If you receive a glowing review, respond with a thank you and ask to share the customer’s thoughts on other platforms.

5. Your brand voice

Products Over Problems: A New Approach to the Customer Journey

Every time you send out a communication or post on social media, you’re showcasing your brand voice. Your voice should reflect your brand values, and it should be consistent.

To be effective, casual language and visuals must be consistent with your brand personality and voice, appropriate to the channel of communication, and most importantly, must resonate with your audience.

For more information about how to personalize your interactions with customers, download a copy of our free ebook that explains why trust is so important in customer relationships, and how to best implement these five tactics into your marketing plan.

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