If you suspect you may have an inbox-placement issue, there are several steps you can take to confirm your messages make it into your subscribers’ inboxes. Here are some best practices.

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1. Ensure you have a clean email list

Many times, inbox-placement issues result from poor list hygiene. For example, if you have numerous inactive subscribers, that will impact your deliverability and diminish your engagement metrics.

Starting with a clean list from the outset is the best way to ensure your messages are hitting the right inboxes. And regular list hygiene is also important. Remove invalid email addresses regularly and reach out to inactive subscribers to re-confirm them.

We often see inbox placement issues during new IP ramp-ups. Warming up your new IP addresses is critical when you launch a new email marketing program or are switching ESPs. It allows you to establish a reputation as a good sender with ISPs.

However, ramping up too quickly can lead to inbox placement issues as well. Start slowly and target your most engaged users first.

2. Develop a content strategy

Your content strategy is vital for inbox placement for a variety of reasons. Planning out thoughtful and relevant content will positively influence inbox placement.

Why? Personalized, relevant content boosts subscriber engagement and builds better relationships with your audience. And remember, even if you hit the inbox correctly, you’re still competing for your customer’s attention in a crowded space.

Building a content strategy and having the resources to develop the content is easier said than done. We see many brands struggle with resourcing when it comes to content development.

However, investing in a content plan upfront and identifying internal or external resources to support it pays off in email marketing ROI. Doing it right upfront can prevent deliverability and inbox placement issues from cropping up later.

“Personalized, relevant content boosts subscriber engagement and builds better relationships with your audience.”

3. Identify an email cadence

Having a content strategy in place isn’t just important for ensuring relevant content that resonates with your subscribers. It also helps you plan a regular cadence of email sends. Brands with large email lists, who don’t send to their subscribers frequently or consistently, are often susceptible to both deliverability and inbox-placement issues.

Base your email frequency on your customers’ purchasing cycle. Different brands and industries have different optimal frequencies for email sends. When setting a cadence, look at how often your customers make a repeat purchase.

You can also segment your audience based on their engagement level with your content and tailor the frequency of emails accordingly. Highly engaged subscribers will be more tolerant of frequent content and will look forward to consistent communications. Meanwhile, less frequent yet consistent emails to less engaged subscribers will help build a relationship over time.

4. Don’t forget timeliness matters

In today’s environment, where brands rely on email marketing more than ever, the speed of delivery matters. And timing is everything.

While optimum send times vary by business and industry, substantial research shows Tuesdays and Fridays tend to have the highest open rates and click-through rates.

Use this as a guideline, but remember the only way to know what works best for your business is to test.

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