As many brands begin to think about emerging from the COVID-19 lockdown, it can be hard to grasp going back to “normal.” There are new challenges to overcome, and loyal consumers are also trying to cope with the aftermath of the global shutdown.

Striking the Right Balance in COVID-19 Email Communications

Now is the time to think about how to re-activate your dormant domain and re-engage your consumers.

Consider these recommendations to successfully relaunch your email marketing tools and welcome back your consumers.

1. Returning to “normal”

For many brands, it can feel daunting to try and get back into a “normal” routine again. Many consumers are feeling the same way, so being personal and transparent in your messaging will resonate now more than ever.

2. Re-warming up IPs

For your IPs, it’s strongly encouraged to rewarm each address if you’ve cut back on your sending frequency and volume. It’s better to start slow and steady and win over ESPs than rush to deploy full-file emails again only to get caught in spam folders or have consumers file a complaint or unsubscribe.

As an expert in IP warming, DEG is working with clients to successfully navigate a rewarming during this time.

3. Consider throttling full-file sends

DEG COVID-19 Thought Leadership

If you’re a large-volume sender, you don’t want to jump into sending full-file emails right away. Similar to rewarming IPs, easing back into your normal send volume will help maintain your domain reputation, deliverability, and inbox placement status.

4. Adjust your promotional calendar

Finally, consider your promotional calendar. Consumers are also feeling the fatigue of stay-at-home life, trying to adjust to their new realities.

Before sending them the next promotional email you originally had planned for this time of year, launch a “welcome back” campaign with a rich offer and a personalized message. Then, reactivate any of your triggered, automated, and journey campaigns that may have been paused.

Please note, many consumers may have fallen inactive or unengaged during this timeframe, so consider delaying the launch of your win-back campaign. Track how your consumers are engaging throughout this re-activation timeframe and make adjustments as needed.

Trust your instincts

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You know your brand better than anyone. If you think your audience is ready for a re-engagement email, go ahead and adjust your strategy to meet their needs. Consider how often you deploy messages and offer a friendly voice your customers will remember and want to respond to.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions. Our DEG email experts are here to help you get your brand back on track through strategic guidance and best-practice knowledge.

Keep in touch.

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