The beginning of the year has always been a difficult time for retaining customers. Your brand spent months acquiring and engaging customers ahead of the holiday season. But once the sales are gone, many consumers are unsubscribing and cleaning up their inbox (new year, new you, anyone?).

Strategies for Maximizing Customer Retention in Your Marketing

This year is no different—though that customer exodus will have more of an impact in 2021. It was a down holiday season, given both the economy and logistical restraints brought on by the pandemic. Consumers shopped earlier, holiday gift budgets were tighter, and shipping delays were a large barrier to shoppers.

Add that all up, and there’s a chance your brand didn’t hit your revenue or acquisition goals for 2020 and will be looking to bounce back in 2021. At the same time, customers are quickly leaving for another brand if your experience does not meet their needs.

All of this is to say that the stakes are high, and one of the best moves that brands can make in 2021 is to prioritize customer retention. We will dive into how to best approach retaining and engaging your customers, but first, we need to lay out why 2021 should be considered the year of customer retention.

What can brands do?

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In our latest ebook, Strategies for Maximizing Customer Retention in Your Marketing, I share why brands should prioritize customer retention in 2021, how you can approach reassessing your retention strategies, and four tactics for keeping customers happy.

Even if the world moves back toward how it was pre-COVID, our shopping habits will not revert to how they once were. There is just no way to unlearn at least 15 months of changed behaviors.

The methods by which we shop and purchase products, and our reasons for shopping, are likely altered for good. And there will not be a time moving forward where customers have fewer options at their disposal than they do now.

Brands must work harder and smarter to keep customers engaged and engender loyalty. The strategies we have outlined in this ebook are a great place to start. But it’s not as simple as setting it and forgetting it.

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Just as consumers’ habits and demands have dramatically shifted already, they will continue to do so. Make sure you are continuing to adapt and pivot your messages and strategies to meet their needs, no matter how they evolve.

If you’re ready to talk customer retention strategy with one of our digital marketing experts, let us know.

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