A celebration of data and data people, the 2020 Tableau Conference provided numerous data experts and marketers with an opportunity to get the latest product updates and analytics insights from anywhere in the world. This year’s virtual conference was free for everyone and focused on introducing and furthering the knowledge of Tableau and Salesforce Einstein Analytics.

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Several DEG Analytics & Insight team members attended the free online conference, continuing to expand their expertise within the platform. But, before we get into the key takeaways of the conference, let’s discuss how Tableau helps data analysis for brands everywhere.

What is Tableau?

Tableau is a data visualization platform that helps anyone see and understand their data. It allows brands to connect to the data they care about, whether that be spreadsheets, databases, or big data.

In 2019, Salesforce purchased Tableau and accelerated the pace of innovation in helping people use their data to make informed decisions faster.

What we can learn from Tableau

Tableau allows you to simplify the complexity of your data into easily digestible visualizations that help you make decisions for your business. You can connect Tableau to nearly any data source and quickly craft and share simple visualizations and educate your peers on how things are progressing. The possibilities for visualization are endless, allowing you to identify challenges and opportunities to grow your brand.

Key conference takeaways

While the virtual Tableau Conference included a good amount of content, we expected more sharing of new features or methods to build compelling visuals. The overall theme seemed to revolve around data security, access, and new partnerships.

Here are some main takeaways from three Tableau tools:

Salesforce Launches Digital 360 to Seamlessly Integrate Business Solutions

  • Introduction of Row Level Security (RLS)
    • Offers the ability to restrict data access at the most granular row level
    • Improves flexibility in user access management
    • Simplifies user-access management for enterprise implementations
  • Salesforce Einstein Analytics
    • First glimpse of impact of Salesforce’s acquisition of Tableau
    • Adds Tableau’s ability to query Einstein Analytics data sets
    • Einstein data can be published directly to the Tableau server
    • Enables Einstein Discovery dashboards that bring AI predictions to Tableau
  • Tableau Prep
    • Ability to transform data for visualization while staying in the Tableau ecosystem
    • Has built-in live connectors to multiple platforms and databases
    • Integrates with Einstein Analytics for bulk scoring

Overall, simplicity is the key to visualization. All sessions and content shared by Tableau throughout the conference focused on ways to simplify complex data and provide easy-to-understand visualizations that allow people to make data-informed decisions.

The Tableau community

Despite the virtual nature of the 2020 Tableau Conference, the event was a great place to tap into a community of data-passionate people. Several people organized happy hours and virtual get-togethers to replace the traditional social interactions we would all experience at the in-person conferences of the past. This allowed for more interactions and engagement between talented individuals who excel at sharing new ways to visualize data and help businesses grow.

Watch all sessions on demand

All sessions from the 2020 Tableau Conference are now on demand and watchable from anywhere you are. Register for free to access a library of videos on demand and catch up on what you missed.

Watch now.

Partnering with a data agency

4 Benefits of Good Digital Customer Experiences

Our DEG data science and analytics experts have helped brands—including PepsiCo, GameStop, Terlato Wine, United Way of Greater Kansas City, and Krispy Kreme—connect their marketing channels with data visualization platforms, simplify data visualizations, and uncover data insights.

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