As “Google” became a verb, we’ve adopted new practices for searching for the information we seek. At first, it was keyword-driven with short choppy phrases typed into a search bar in the hopes of landing on a decent website with the right answer. Now, search engines are adapting and allowing for what our language naturally asks, long-tail phrasing that begs the question.

Why Strategy is the Key in Marketing Your Brand

On the flip side, search marketing for your business or products has also seen many changes in the last few years. When keywords were the go-to for searching, websites became the hotbed for keyword stuffing and hiding. Recently, Google has adopted new measurements for its website indexing and search rankings—and I’ve gathered a few from DEG Senior SEO Manager Jeremy Sterling that are worth noting.

User experience is more important than ever

Google recently announced the Google Page Experience update, resulting from users stating they prefer sites with a good page experience. While search has added a variety of user experience criteria—including how quickly pages load and mobile-friendliness—in ranking factors, now UX metrics will be included in rankings. The update isn’t coming until 2021 at the earliest. Check out the update.

Event communications get an upgrade

Communicating updated event information to your users is more crucial than ever right now. Google has added new structured-data schema fields so websites can inform users and search engines of key event updates should they be canceled, rescheduled, or converted to virtual. Take a read and make sure your event content is up to date.

Google can’t crawl the entirety of the web every day

John Mueller of Google shared that Google will not index all web pages, especially if your site has an abundance.

“It’s easy to create millions of pages without useful, unique, compelling, or high-quality content,” Mueller explained. “That’s not what we’d want our systems to spend a lot of time on.”

That’s why DEG has found it valuable to include crawl optimization in our technical SEO audit process.

Your Google My Business listing can be improved

Adjusting Media and Search Strategies in Response to COVID-19

You can make SEO gains in the local sector by doing the basics of ensuring accurate name, address, phone number (NAP) information on your Google My Business listing. At its core, Google My Business includes the essential fields of data for people to get in contact with you. There is more you can do with Google My Business to improve user experience and messaging and communication features, but doing the basics ensures potential customers can quickly and easily find accurate contact information for your brand.

Here’s some organic growth to a Google My Business listing that was updated with the latest information and merged with duplicate listings.

Simply merging the duplicate listings doesn’t create these improved results. This listing now has higher totals for reach and engagement compared to the previous duplicate stats added together.

SEO is the tortoise in this race

It’s difficult to feel successful or efficient in organic search when looking at other channels that get near-immediate results or insights. This chart shows the 16-month progress of a brand’s blog (the data is blog URLs only).

Starting with no content, this brand focused on developing content that is highly focused on its industry but broad enough to meet different personas. Looking at the increased clicks, the brand is now regularly getting nearly 10x what it was before.

SEO works. Content works. Don’t be discouraged if it takes time to prove success.

It’s now free to sell on Google

Also, everyone can sell on Google after the company made it free for merchants to list products. Check it out.

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DEG has SEO services to help you

If you’re looking for a digital marketing agency with the SEO knowledge and experience to fix issues like crawl optimization, site speed, and content strategy, contact us today. Our Media + Search team has expertise in helping businesses improve their organic and paid search presence.

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