To continue in our DEGenius thought sharing, we’ve compiled a few differing reactions from the 2019 Super Bowl spots airing during the big game this past Sunday. Feel free to cheer and jeer while reminiscing on the poor game performance.

2019 Super Bowl Ads That Stood Out

NFL: The 100-Year Game

“The USA Today Ad Meter shows the NFL halftime spot as the winner, but it felt like a remake of the Terry Tate, Office Linebacker spot from a long time ago.” — Tug McTighe, executive creative director

“Although I enjoyed this commercial immensely—shout out to the no-look Mahomes pass and introduction to Sam Gordon—it actually paled in comparison to Sam’s speech that got passed around online during the game. I watched it twice, listening to her speak up about the opportunities football (and sports of all types) afford women. Brava.” — Jordan Warren, marketing copywriter

Amazon Alexa: Not Everything Makes the Cut

“Amazon’s ‘Not everything makes the cut’ ad was a fun way to play off the fears some have that voice tech is everywhere. It was one of the few ads that everyone at the party laughed at and remembered the next day.” — Travis McCan, senior relationship marketing strategist

“I thought the Amazon Alexa spot was good, but it was late in the game and we know from past experience that people quit paying attention the later the game goes on.” — Tug McTighe, executive creative director

Olay: Olay Killer Skin

“Are you kidding me…? If you make me scream in horror and lunge toward my small child to cover her wide-open, terrified eyes, then no, I’m not going to buy your product.” — Maril Hazlett, copywriter

Mint Mobile: Chunky Style Milk

“The chunky milk commercial for was a great attention-grabbing ad for brand awareness. I had no idea what the site was for by the end of the commercial (and still don’t), but I definitely remembered the brand.” — Jonathan Willis, senior analytics solutions consultant

Avocados from Mexico: Top Dog

“The Super Bowl and guacamole go together like chips and dip. The Avocados from Mexico spot included light-hearted humor, dogs, and Kristin Chenoweth—a winning combination.” — Melinda Black, senior UX designer

“Um, what?” — Maril Hazlett, copywriter

Coca-Cola: A Coke is a Coke

“Love the animation! The storyboard! The feels! And the cultural relevance—without creating a cringe-inducing Kendall Jenner-Pepsi moment. Well done.” — Maril Hazlett, copywriter

“I really loved everything about the spot. The unifying message was refreshing and the animation was forward thinking but also felt retro at the same time. I also love that the spot aired right before the National Anthem. I’m sure that wasn’t an accident.” — Amy McCammon, director of creative studio

T-Mobile: (all of them)

“Nice one. But I read all the same Buzzfeed articles that your creative team evidently does, and there wasn’t much original thought there.” — Maril Hazlett, copywriter

“I truly enjoyed these spots. Perhaps it was because I imagined myself in these situations as each aired. I recognized the uncertainty in choosing the cuisine I want for dinner, the hilarious technology conversations with my parents, the super long conversations from certain friends, and the accidental quick-fire text to someone else. It’d be interesting to see if there’s data behind each ad to see if each targeted a specific group of people, because these spots basically nailed me. And my sister and I were all for the Taco Bell and Lyft collaboration.” — Jordan Warren, marketing copywriter

2019 Super Bowl Spots: Honorable Real-Time Social Mentions

Anything else?

We continue the Super Bowl spots conversation in the social sphere in our blog about real-time reactions that occurred during and after the big game on Sunday. Check out our favorites and see if they match yours.

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