It’s officially over—the five-day gauntlet that starts on Thanksgiving and runs through Black Friday and Cyber Monday. While our inboxes are inundated with deals galore, it’s the messages capturing our attention that truly showcase great marketing.

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A few DEG experts shared their favorite email campaigns from the past couple weeks.

Jenn Horner, Associate Director of Retail & Consumer Goods

Fat Brain Toys

SL: Something Very Special is Coming to Your Mailbox!

I like this because it stood out, driving some multi-channel interactions by tying digital to direct mail. The hero image was an animated GIF of the catalog flipping open, and it’s just a fun way to drive attention as people were starting to get serious about shopping lists for the season.

Also, the brand’s category CTAs by age are an excellent way for Fat Brain Toys to progressively profile subscribers and send relevant recommendations in the future. Smart.


SL: Big things are coming soon.

PH: The fun has just begun.

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The subject line and preheader really stood out in my inbox and I wanted to open to see what was coming. The email creative was great at giving a preview of what is to come with an animated GIF of the new materials. The secondary content encouraging me to add products to my wish list was a great option to help me stay engaged before the new products are released.

I also liked the “BF | 19” callout in the upper left corner of the creative—this is something I’m not sure everyone will get, but as an email marketer it was fun to see that this is the start of their overall campaign for the season.

Kelly Stroda, Associate SFMC Consultant

Old Navy

View full email here.

This was a really long email that used bright colors, big text, and short messages to keep your attention throughout. There was even a part about “congrats on reading this far” showing that the brand knows it’s a long email and congratulating readers who made it that far.

Jordan Warren, Marketing Copywriter



View full email here.

Some of the best emails I received all weekend included subject lines filled with emojis and body content filled with GIFs. Tarte was an exceptional marketer using these tactics as it showed the glitz and glam products that would entice any makeup lover to drop everything and check out its deals.

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Even this email that landed in my inbox at 5:22 p.m. on Monday was enticing enough to get me to open it and consider clicking before realizing I already own all the tart makeup I could use for the next year.

Commerce Bank

This email hit my inbox in a timely deployment on Black Friday when I was running about an outlet mall. Not only did I not immediately delete the email, but I saved it for later reading to make sure I’m keeping my finances top of mind after the biggest shopping weekend of the year.

Great play by the bank to ensure customers are considering it during the holiday season—and the impact of their shopping habits on future savings plans.

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What campaigns captured your attention?

We’d love to hear from your perspective what the best holiday campaigns were to get consumers to spend, spend, spend. Share your favorites in the comment section below.

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