Adobe welcomes more than 17,000 attendees to its annual conference, Adobe Summit, where it shares updates on its projects, insights for marketers, and strategies for all.

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As part of the Dentsu Aegis Network, DEG, Linked by Isobar set up shop in the DAN booth at Adobe Summit to visit with businesses about how the agencies can help them create transformative digital experiences for their customers. In addition, associates attended numerous thought-provoking sessions about artificial intelligence, social commerce, and the new business-to-everyone approach to marketing.

Here’s what a few of our associates found interesting at the conference:

Creating comprehensive solutions

Ben Robie, Magento architect

What stood out to me most is the comprehensive solution(s) that Adobe is strategically building to solve the true problems that merchants are having all over the globe. What drives customer satisfaction and engagement is the creation of a frictionless experience that meets customer desires and expectations.

As always, the customer should be the focus of any business. Adobe is putting that into practice by creating the products needed by its customers, so its customers can create an experience for their customers. It’s like “Inception,” but for enterprise software.

Finally, as a Magento Architect, I would be remis not to mention how exciting it is to see Adobe quickly integrating Magento Commerce with its other solutions and packaging it up into the newly announced Adobe Commerce Cloud. I’m excited to see where this leads and look forward to working on some integrated projects as these two entities join together.

First-of-its-kind integration announcement

Jen Forrest, director of social media

Social News: Instagram’s New Checkout Functionality

Of the many announcements during Adobe Summit, a big one included a first-of-its-kind integration of social data from Hootsuite into Adobe’s Real-Time Customer Profile social activity. This will enable Adobe customers to deliver omnichannel marketing initiatives informed by customers’ social media behavior.

For social media managers who’ve been operating in silos for years, this is a beacon of hope for a future where social informs more than just content strategy—and plays a significant part in building a single view of the customer.

There’s no question that social media is cemented as a critical customer engagement channel, playing a more critical role in the customer experience than ever. Now, it’s great to see innovation on this front to help connect the dots for the benefit of both the marketer and the customer.

The spark of new relationships

Ben Robie, Magento architect

The highlight of my time at Adobe Summit was the people I met. Although the conference attracted thousands of people, there were countless one-on-one conversations that led to both interesting, and sometimes critical, information to discuss.

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It was so fun to meet attendees who were passionate about their industry, business, products, and processes. My most memorable conversations involved the technical architecture of Adobe Experience Manager, and how Marketo is used in critical business operations.

To me, it’s the spark of new relationships that become most valuable at conferences. That’s where new projects and ideas take root.

Interested in talking about something you learned about or saw at Adobe Summit? Contact DEG, a Magento, Salesforce, SessionM, Sitecore, and Hootsuite partner ready to help you reach your marketing and advertising goals.

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