We all relied on the internet a lot over the last year. Some of us learned to bake the infamous sourdough bread, with a few finger taps finding the easiest recipe online. And digital commerce skyrocketed the need for businesses to have online shops with good user experiences that customers could find with a simple Google search.

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Those needs aren’t going away anytime soon. We’ve selected the top two trends we recommend every business consider when optimizing their websites this year.

1. Seamless search and website user experience

The way people use search and their expectation for search results has drastically changed in a short time. As a result, we see an increased focus on the user and search intent.

For brands, that means improving the user experience from initial search to refinement and final destination. Search engines will get even better at recognizing when a searcher is looking for expert advice, for example, and will rank those posts above other articles.

2. Personal and purpose-driven content

Changes to customer expectations and the advent of new technologies have brought personalization to the forefront of the customer experience. As a result, delivering personalized experiences is no longer optional. Your customers expect it and will look elsewhere if you can’t provide it.

In the coming year, brands will continue to focus on delivering personalized experiences to their customers—in particular, activating personalization across channels. Customers want to feel valued and understood, and personalization timed right can anticipate their needs.

We also predict an increased focus on purpose-driven content.

Purpose-driven content marketing is a way for brands to connect with target audiences based on shared interests, causes, or beliefs by developing synergy between your business and your buyer.

Customers are sensitive to fake interactions. So, executing it requires content to be authentic, beneficial, and relevant.

Maximizing your website strategy

3 Commerce Trends for Business Transformation

Your website is your digital hub for providing personalized, relevant information. It houses your digital presence and should engage your audience with an avenue to build a lasting relationship with your brand.

At DEG, we combine digital technology implementation with content and search engine optimization expertise to help businesses transform their content management and marketing programs for growth. We work with you to develop solutions that connect you with customers at every moment along their journey.

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