As the company’s recruiter, I talk with potential associates every day. The question they ask most frequently is, “What do you like about working at DEG?” I’ve been here for a while now and because I love DEG, that has never been a hard question to answer. In fact, the only hard part is to narrow my answer down enough that it leaves time for them to answer a question or two.

That makes a blog post the perfect place to capture all of the reasons (big and small) why I love my job! Except that the list seems almost endless and, because DEG is one of the fastest growing businesses in America, I’m pretty busy. So I’ll have to keep it relatively short – maybe 100 or so reasons just to start:


    1. Visionary leaders – Our founding partners and leads work every day not only to ensure the success of the company but to make sure that it is a vehicle for their employees’ fulfillment. That’s a rare thing in any industry.
    2. We are smart about growing profitably and sustainably. We believe that the greatest long-term contribution DEG can make in the lives of our clients, partners, associates, suppliers, shareholders, and community is to build our company deliberately and successfully. Our founding partners are entrepreneurs and foster an ownership mentality among all of their associates.
    3. Respect – For clients, for associates, for the work we all do.
    4. Recognition – We are rewarded emotionally, intellectually, and financially.
    5. Gratitude goes a long way  DEG’s leadership team always makes an effort to show that they are truly grateful for their associates.
    6. Our leaders and co-workers trust each other to do what needs to be done, and to do it excellently.
    7. Our motto: DEG wants you to be the best you can be and even better than you can be on your own.
    8. Each associate is valued for their unique contributions.
    9. The leaders of this company have faith in you…even when you may question your own ability.
    10. Our leaders take pains to honor their commitments and their promises.
    11. DEG stands behind you. The leaders here believe in the work you do and are committed to helping all associates fulfill their potential.
    12. DEG, its leaders, and your co-workers will challenge you and expect you to do the same for them.
    13. In all cases we do the right thing. This is a core value that the leadership team implemented early on, and we all continue to live by it. Our interactions with others are conducted honestly, fairly, respectfully, and with integrity. We treat others as we wish to be treated.
    14. We have the world’s most humble leadership team! Seriously, they’re the most approachable and easy to talk to people in the company. Their doors are literally always open (unless they’re on a call and it’s beer:30).
    15. Our leadership team is full of good listeners. They want, ask for, and act upon our input.
    16. There is a reason we’re one of the most successful and fastest growing consultancies in the country. Our offices are full of diligent thoughtful people who are excellent problem solvers.
    17. Our leaders are also excellent strategic thinkers, and as a result our clients are always two jumps ahead.
    18. Everyone receives credit for their work and contributions. We don’t like to have our heroes unsung.
    19. We share our successes – our associates receive year-end company bonuses from the partners.
    20. Your voice is always heard. In our culture, the best idea wins no matter where it comes from.
    21. We have a career lattice instead of a traditional career ladder, which translates to a high degree of internal mobility for our associates.
    22. Our leaders not only stay on the bleeding edge of leadership strategies and best practices, they create them.
    23. We don’t pigeonhole ourselves or our employees. We have a number of awesome service offerings and we are continuing to grow.
    24. Because our partners are entrepreneurs, they strongly believe in an entrepreneurial workplace. If there is something you’re interested in doing and you think there is a market for it, they want you to make the case and go do it. That’s pretty much the story of how we’ve grown to encompass our current disciplines, and we’d love to have you lead our next expansion.
    25. We learn from our mistakes. Everyone is accountable, but nobody scapegoated. Identify the problem, fix it, learn from it, and move to the next challenge a little smarter than you were.
    26. We want our associates to be well rounded and interesting people, and we have programs, opportunities, and benefits to help you be just that.
    27. Our leadership invests in associates – financially and culturally.
    28. We believe that there is always room for improvement, and we want to figure out how to make those improvements happen.
    29. Our leadership cares about their associates as people, not just employees. Your worth here is more than just the work that you do. It’s your attitude, your goals, your interests, your experience, and your values. As much as anything else, it’s the reason we’ve repeatedly been chosen as one of the best places to work in Kansas City.

What We Do

    1. We do cool work. Period.
    2. We’re fortunate to work with fantastic brands in all of our disciplines.
    3. We are a Microsoft Gold Partner
    4. We are an ExactTarget Platinum Partner and the only 2x Partner of the Year.
    5. We create amazing websites, e-commerce sites, email marketing campaigns, social media campaigns, and much more!
    6. DEG is nationally recognized and rewarded for our work. Who wouldn’t want to be affiliated with a winner?
    7. We are one of the top Web Development Firms in the region.
    8. DEG demonstrates professional expertise. We ensure our work is best-in-class, of the highest quality and reflects well upon our company.
    9. We exceed client expectations – we forge enduring relationships with our clients by consistently and proactively delivering excellent service, communicating in a straightforward manner, and displaying a sincere commitment to their success.
    10. DEG is an organization that stays on the cutting edge of technology. We don’t just follow best practices; we’re usually setting them.
    11. “Smarter Digital” is more than just our tagline – it’s how we work, what we build, and what we strive for.

Company Culture

    1. Fun work atmosphere that is energetic, innovative, collaborative, intellectual, and entrepreneurial.
    2. Every associate contributes to a positive, trusting, and mutually-supportive atmosphere.
    3. Well-rounded work environment – DEG encourages associates to pursue outside interests, prioritize their families, and contribute to their communities.
    4. Dedicated employees – I regularly witness my co-workers doing whatever it takes to get the job done right. Sometimes that means staying late to beat a deadline. Sometimes it means learning or inventing on the fly. And still other times it means doing something weird or fun on a client’s behalf.
    5. We believe in our “best idea wins” philosophy, and associates have the latitude to suggest new tactics, work processes, products and /or business services in the course of serving our clients.
    6. We have a casual work environment – always appropriate, but definitely casual.
    7. No one is complacent. Everyone goes above and beyond the call of duty. We don’t do it because someone is watching; we do it because we’re in this together.
    8. Have I mentioned that we were named the Best Place to Work by the KC Business Journal? Maybe I did, but I’m saying it again.
    9. Passionate employees – We truly love what we do for a living and it shows in the work we produce.
    10. DEG is interested in finding our associate’s passions, and helping them accomplish their personal and professional goals.
    11. We celebrate our wins (and then we move on to the next challenge).
    12. We are unbelievably adaptable and can change gears in a New York minute.
    13. Workplace flexibility/flexible schedules
    14. Even with a busy schedule, everyone handles interruptions well. People make time for others.
    15. Collaboration isn’t a goal, it’s the way we get things done.
    16. DEG has a culture of innovation. We do amazing things on behalf of our client partners.
    17. We have a coffeeshop!
    18. DEG is an extremely giving group of people. We donate our time, money, resources, and knowledge to organizations and individuals who are making our world a better place.
    19. We like to be helpful. If you need an extra hand, you’ll always have DEGers reaching out to help you.
    20. Our associates attend fun industry and trade events, seminars and workshops in order to continue to hone their professional skills.
    21. DEG supports healthy professional and personal relationships. Yes, we work hard, but you should also have ample time to spend with your significant other, your kids, your hobbies, and your dog.
    22. We support your internal and external professional relationships. Get yourself a mentor!
    23. Personal friendships are built at DEG, too. We tend to hang out even when we don’t have to.
    24. We offer fantastic employer-paid health benefits!
    25. Camaraderie. Dysfunction only happens when you’re at cross purposes. We’re definitely not at cross purposes here.
    26. Healthy competition – not only in each respective department, but companywide.
    27. Street Fighter and Mario Kart playoffs.
    28. When an associate completes his particular piece of an assignment, more often than not he’ll turn to help his neighbors complete theirs rather than heading home or down to get a cup of coffee. I’ve seen it a hundred times. It’s not something we teach or mandate, but you’ll see it in every department and from every associate at DEG.
    29. DEG will keep you engaged. We keep growing, so there is always something to do.
    30. Stay with us for five years and you’ll receive two free airline tickets to anywhere in the continental U.S. That sure beats an engraved pen set that other companies offer as your reward for dedicated service.
    31. The reason we’re in business is to empower our client partners and our associates to achieve their goals.
    32. Mimosas for breakfast. Not every day mind you, but on days when we celebrate science (yes, we celebrate scientific achievement with mimosas. For instance, the Higgs Boson was a big deal here.)
    33. No one can rock an ugly Christmas sweater like the DEG team. They stand undefeated!
    34. This place is full of super-creative people – Have you seen the work we do?


    1. You can build, test, and strengthen your skills at DEG – and then move on to creating new ones.
    2. Each associate is given opportunities to show they can rise to the occasion. You will definitely have the opportunity to step up.
    3. We are given autonomy and the opportunity to make meaningful decisions that affect our business and our clients.
    4. We are always encouraged to participate in community activities and get involved where we can.
    5. We all have the opportunity to make a difference – if we have a better idea, a better tool, or a better way of working – everyone is listening.
    6. We promote from within – Bethany Kemper used to be our receptionist; now she runs Corporate Culture and Administration.
    7. DEG aligns employee passions with corporate pursuits (James Eggers had a passion for User Experience…and now he heads our UX practice.)
    8. We’re growing every day, but we haven’t gotten so big that there is no longer opportunity. In fact, the opposite is true. Because we’re growing so quickly we count on our associates to assume a lot of responsibility, and to affect significant change within the company.
    9. We are one of the Fastest Growing Companies in Kansas City.
    10. We are one of Inc. 5000’s Fastest Growing Private Companies in America (again).

Now for a few fun, personal miscellaneous reasons why I love working at DEG:

  1. I learn something new here everyday. That’s not a cliché – it’s kind of a goal, actually.
  2. We are chock full of wicked smart individuals –so much so that we refer to ourselves as “DEGeniuses.”
  3. Sky Morey’s dad invented the Boogie Board? True.
  4. Everyone here looks good in pink (even the guys).
  5. We have incredibly talented people here at DEG. Chief among them, developer Wing Chan has serious freestyle skills.
  6. We support each other outside of work. (By the way, great show at Conroy’s, Steve and Joe, a.k.a NoJoCo All-stars!)
  7. Ramsey is a social media legend in KC…and beyond.
  8. Who else do you know who gets to ride a scooter throughout the hallways at work?
  9. Our Marketing Department worked tirelessly to complete a re-branding. The result is a new look that finally matches our energy!
  10. Engineering lives, eats, and breathes technology and are continually learning how to do better.
  11. I can call on any one of the Social Media crew to ask a novice question about Twitter and they teach me/fix it for me.
  12. I love the e-commerce’s team sense of humor…actually in most of our departments the peeps are pretty funny, but I hear the most from e-commerce. Who gives someone the nickname “Blob?” Ha!
  13. In fact, I get to hear laughter in the office every single day.
  14. I hear DEGers praising one another regularly. Like I said above, we celebrate our wins.
  15. I watch DEGers helping each other and teaching one another all the time.
  16. I love the energy and excitement that you can feel when you are at DEG. Pick a suite, any suite…you’ll see what I mean.
  17. I like the buzzing of constant work, motion, and getting things done. We work hard.
  18. I love that Nick and Veronica are bilingual and help me with my Spanish. Gracias amigos!!
  19. We have company happy hours named after one of our most loved DEG associates. Join DEG and you, too, can attend the next “Dinkel Time.”
  20. We have corporate box seats at Sporting Kansas City that we give to our associates. There’s not a better seat in the house!
  21. We offer what we lovingly call “Dale Dollars.” To recognize those folks who go above and beyond in service to the company and our clients, we give our poker chips bearing the likeness of Principal and CFO Dale Hazlett. Those chips are worth $100 to be spent on your personal travels.
  22. We brought the “Ryan Lochte of Trivia” (Geoff Smith, who appeared on Kid’s Jeopardy) out of retirement for DEG’s very own “Trivia Night.” He did not win.
  23. I love that even during serious conversations with leadership, our culture accommodates personal quirks. For instance, if our CEO knocks on wood, he will cease to continue the conversation until everyone in the room has followed suit.
  24. DEG walking group. Let’s hit those stairs, ladies!
  25. DEG running group. I’ll wave as you go by!
  26. Daily Starbucks coffee conveniently available at no charge in our very own coffeehouse.
  27. In addition to coffee, our awesome coffeehouse has flat screen TVs, an Xbox, and a fridge full of soda, juice, and more.
  28. During the month of November you can raz the guys for their creepy Mustaches for Movember. They’re tough, they can take it.
  29. Free tickets to Treads and Threads – a great event for a great cause. It’s one of many we support with our work, our time, and our money.
  30. We are a Corporate Challenge juggernaut.
  31. I’m grateful to have a stellar company administrative assistant, Hannah. Those of you who have suffered with an incompetent admin before will be able to appreciate this. Same goes for Network Services. There have been countless occasions where I have been on the verge of a meltdown and they’ve come to my rescue.
  32. Our engineering company mascot, Boo.
  33. Our HR mascot, Neal the Fish, named after our CEO Neal Sharma.
  34. Steve DiFranco’s lovely British accent.
  35. I love taking the Chandra-vator when I’m too lazy to walk the stairs.
  36. Beer:30. How have I not mentioned this yet?
  37. Free chair massages. Every now and again we bring in someone to help us relax.
  38. Employees bringing in treats for everyone.
  39. On the brink of their extinction, Principal and Chief Architect Sky Morey found Hostess Twinkies, Ding Dongs, and cupcakes so that his fellow DEGers could have one last hurrah. It was truly a Hostess Miracle.
  40. Christmas Cookie Day. It’s probably the best day of the year.

I love and respect DEG for all of the above reasons. But the #1 reason I love working at DEG is this: The people. From the newest coordinator to our founding members, they are smart, funny, kind, hard-working, and wonderful to be around. This is truly a special place.

If you would like 100 more reasons why DEG is a great place to work, well that’s just too easy. I would name every employee who works here — from Niki Adams to Whitney Yadrich, and everyone in between. I love them all. Each one brings skill, ability, knowledge, class, and personality. You couldn’t ask for a better work family. These are people who are on your side, and who want to succeed alongside you. All in all, DEG is a fabulous place to work.

*Note: If you’re reading this blog as a potential candidate who would like to work at DEG, maybe you can be the next reason why this place is such a great place to work. We want you to show us what you’ve got!

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  • Whitney Yadrich

    Whitney Yadrich

    9 years
    Geoffrey Smith would like us to clarify that he DID win Kid's Jeopardy, but he DID NOT win DEG trivia.
    • Whitney Yadrich

      Whitney Yadrich

      9 years
  • Doug Richards

    Doug Richards

    9 years
    #125. Because Nicole Lentz is awesome! Great article. I hope you guys have an incredible 2013. KC tech is exploding this year and I'm glad to see DEG on the leading edge.