Email marketing is about meeting customers in the moments that matter most—no matter where they are in their journey—and providing content tailored to their needs that feels “just right.”

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The best way to approach personalizing your email experiences is holistically. Instead of thinking of your emails as siloed from the rest of your marketing, consider them as a piece in the puzzle that is targeted, personalized communications.

Email campaigns now involve a customized approach to strategy and creative to deliver personalized content at scale. Rather than simply sending emails, campaigns should be well thought out, segmented, and accurately delivered using a capable platform.

Delivering 1:1 emails at scale

At DEG, we collaborate with national and global brands to maximize their email programs, engaging complex tools to deploy personalized messages that drive action. We have one of the largest teams of email experts in the country, accurately deploying tens of billions of emails around the world every year, using personalized content built into the designs of our client’s templates.

To us, campaign management isn’t just about sending messages out to your customers. It’s about bringing everything together—strategy, analytics, creative, and email development—to reach your customers in the moments of greatest impact with personalized messages that resonate.

An extension of your team

Our team expands across the United States and around the world, providing clients with a 24/7 year-round resource for email communications. And if you’re looking to expand beyond email marketing, our full-service, cross-channel, and Salesforce cross-cloud expertise can provide innovative digital solutions that drive sales.

White-glove service allows you to rest easy

Quality and efficiency in deployments through proven processes, methodology, best-in-class tools, and proprietary technology

One of the largest teams of resources with complex platform expertise to maximize your investment

Ability to scale through both local and global resources, especially during peak times

Proven results provide trust in your campaigns, no matter the complexity or volume

Platinum Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner

DEG is the only three-time Marketing Cloud Partner of the Year recipient and a leader in the platform with one of the largest and longest-tenured teams of Marketing Cloud experts in the country.

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Your ideal email partner

With more than 20 years of experience providing 1:1 marketing services for national and global brands across the retail, consumer goods, nonprofit, and entertainment industries, DEG offers a vital combination of strategy and technology to transform the way you approach marketing.

As a full-service agency, we offer expertise in every channel along with high-quality creative services. Our teams work to determine and implement the best solutions to help you reach customers where they are.

Embracing the modern inbox

DEG’s comprehensive email marketing expertise is showcased in the award-winning work we do, including platform optimization and automated, multi-channel journey messaging.

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Building relationships that last

As an early adopter of email services, DEG has cultivated relationships with brands of all shapes and sizes, developing strategies for improved audience engagement and business growth. Our best-in-class campaign management services deliver messages on time, exceeding industry standards in accuracy and speeding up the process from campaign kickoff to delivery.

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