The demand for personalized experiences is rising as first-party data becomes more valuable—and more difficult to come by—than ever. In order to engage your customers to take action, you first must dive deep into your customer data, identifying your various segments while better understanding who they are and what they want.

Rockin’ sweepstakes campaign for Hallmark baby products

Your marketing must be a conduit for personalized communications, creating a cohesive experience across every channel. Without the right data, strategy, and messaging, brands can get lost in the crowd.

Embracing the modern inbox

At DEG, we believe marketing is most impactful when delivered on an individual level as part of all touchpoints and channels. We apply the right technology—CDPs, DMPs, ESPs—to deliver personalized messages to your customers and drive awareness, engagement, and sales for your business.

Our technical and strategic expertise ensures we’re successfully implementing robust solutions to boost your 1:1 marketing programs while combining best practices and consumer insights to meet your customer needs. Whether you’re looking to migrate from your current platform to a more sophisticated and robust solution, or you’re trying to enhance your current solution with the right features available on the platform, we can help.

In addition, our full-service creative, analytics, and cross-channel strategy teams ensure the messaging resonates with your customers and your email efforts fit seamlessly within your larger marketing plan.

Full-service email capabilities

Our depth of expertise is showcased in the work we do, including platform expertise and automated, multi-channel journey messaging. With flexible services, we can create and deploy your 1:1 marketing across all channels.

Personalized strategy

Campaign management

Implementation + support

  • Marketing automation
  • Integration and scripting
  • ESP implementation and migration
  • Third-party integrations

Platinum Salesforce Marketing Cloud Partner

DEG is the only three-time Marketing Cloud Partner of the Year recipient and a leader in the platform with one of the largest and longest-tenured teams of Marketing Cloud experts in the country.

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Your ideal email partner

With more than 20 years of experience providing 1:1 marketing services for national brands across the retail, consumer goods, higher education, and entertainment industries, DEG offers a vital combination of strategy and technology to transform the way you approach email marketing.

We listen to your needs and how you wish to better engage customers to expand your business. Then, we work with you to find an ideal solution to match your team’s desires and needs, while keeping in mind that your customers are the ones who determine the success of your email deployments.

Delivering 1:1 emails at scale

DEG’s campaign management team consistently deploys billions of email campaigns accurately and efficiently with a level of service and expertise that exceeds client expectations.

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Building relationships that last

As an early adopter of email, we’ve honed our skills to become trusted partners with brands of all shapes and sizes. We strive to always provide the right strategies to reach your business goals and needs, ensuring the strategy, email template, and campaign deployment reach your customers in the right moment, with the right message.

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