Provide the benefits of physical shopping through your digital channels

For the first time in a lifetime, consumers could not walk into a department store or major retailer and skim end caps, touch a piece of clothing before buying, or ask a helpful employee what aisle they could find the laundry detergent. Even as brick-and-mortar stores gradually open back up, digital experiences and ecommerce conversions continue to grow in frequency and preference.

Which begs the question, how can brands take the benefits of the in-store experience that cannot be found online and incorporate them into the digital experiences that continue to grow in popularity?

Our free ebook will look at both the benefits of shopping in brick-and-mortar stores and the digital equivalents brands are leveraging to replicate these benefits. We’ll explore:

  • Consumer trends that have evolved as a result of COVID-19
  • Four key benefits of an in-store experience
  • How technology is allowing brands to duplicate these in-store experiences through digital channels

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