How to Invest in Growing Your Ongoing Commerce Experience

The way brands, marketers, and consumers approach ecommerce has changed for the long term. The shift was already in motion, but COVID-19 and the ensuing embrace of a digital-first shopping model accelerated the importance of ecommerce in brands’ marketing efforts.

As a result, brands are now recognizing that the digital commerce experience has to be frictionless, seamless, and easy to use—or consumers will go elsewhere. Which means if all you do with ecommerce support is fix things when they break, you won’t be able to meet your customers’ expectations.

Our ebook will help you rethink your approach to ecommerce support. You’ll learn:

  • How to take a proactive approach to ecommerce support
  • Why support is about more than just fixing what’s broken
  • Tactical considerations to make the most of your support experience

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