Evolve your commerce program to keep up with customers’ expectations

The changes that took place in the past year were not temporary. Brands’ reactions and adjustments may have been rushed and thought of as stopgaps until life returned to “normal,” but the truth is there is no going back to the days of 2019 for commerce. Now it’s about brands enhancing and optimizing those quick fixes and turning them into a permanent pillar of their programs.

There has been a permanent shift in the way that consumers buy from brands, and a world where ecommerce represents a serious chunk of the retail pie is now the norm. The result? We’ve established a new baseline for ecommerce’s role within marketing and the customer experience.

This ebook not only outlines this new era of commerce before us, but also provide strategies for how brands can get started enhancing their programs. In it, we will cover:

  • The acceleration of ecommerce as a portion of overall retail sales in the past year
  • Three major areas where brands must pivot to adjust with the changes of the industry
  • How brands can pivot to adapt and optimize their commerce programs to meet customers’ rising demands

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