Creating Impactful Connections Throughout the Customer Journey

If data is the foundation of marketing, then behaviors are the axis on which the marketing world spins. A behavior should trigger an action by a brand that is tailored to that consumer; leading to another behavior and so on until the end of the customer’s journey is complete. Then, it starts over again.

Email is a prominent channel for engagement, and the past year has only validated this further. However, an automated, omnichannel program is necessary to truly meet consumers when, where, and how they engage. Learn about the foundational approach to behavioral journeys and the three steps to success.

  • Affect the entire funnel — No matter where the customer is in their journey, you must provide relevant content that drives the next action.
  • Automate — Scale the program for long-term effectiveness.
  • Adapt — Always look to evolve your messaging and activations.

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