There is nothing more engaging in marketing than a compelling, authentic, visual story. And every brand has stories to tell—stories that resonate on a human level and drive engagement.

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More than just the words and design of your visuals, your brand content needs to embody the essence of your business and positioning in your industry. From the logo and colors to the voice and style of your messaging, your brand creative should be designed to connect with your customers on any channel or device.

That’s why it’s incredibly important to have a tailored approach to your brand content and a strategic mindset to help you connect with more people. See how we’ve helped brands do exactly that.

Enhancing your brand with video

At DEG, we humanize brands through thoughtful content, stories, and experiences on all screen-based engagements to better connect with people in the right moment with the right message.

Whether you’re promoting everyday products or complicated systems, we can help you communicate your messages across all digital channels. Our content production team of creative directors, copywriters, producers, motion graphics and animation artists, and post-production specialists is fully integrated, allowing us to enhance your brand with new ideas and creative executions that drive results.

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Full-service content production

Our creative and experience design teams work together at the intersection of people, process, and data to help you achieve your biggest digital visions. Whether you need a singular brand video or a campaign production shoot, DEG’s Content Studio team can help bring it to fruition.

Creative strategy

  • Content calendar planning
  • Enhance existing content
  • Content distribution recommendations
  • Messaging creative direction
  • Outside resource management
  • Existing content audits

Video production

  • Creative direction
  • Pre and postproduction
  • Production
  • Editing
  • Motion graphics & animation
  • Compositing
  • Color correction/grating
  • Licensing

Photography & audio

  • Creative direction
  • Styling
  • Prop development
  • Retouching
  • VO talent
  • VO recording
  • Sound design/sweetening
  • Final audio mix
  • Original music composition
  • Music licensing

Creatively bringing brands to life

With more than 100 combined years of user experience design, DEG’s creative team seeks to understand what your customers want, how they interact with your brand and messaging, and what motivates them.

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Your ideal content partner

At DEG, we strive to know what your customers want, how they will be interacting with your digital content, and what motivates them. With that knowledge, we create stories that touch the heart of your customers’ needs, while echoing your brand voice to the public.

Our team is fully staffed in all disciplines, including VO talent and live-action, motion graphics, and animation artists on staff who can bring your brand to life. We’re agile and work together in a fashion where new ideas are swiftly supported by depth across disciplines with constant iteration and delivery.

Embracing connected commerce

DEG brings a harmonious blend of strategy, creative, and technology services together to develop value-driven and user-centric global commerce solutions that create cohesive, seamless experiences.

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Building relationships that last

With decades of experience creating content for local, national, and global brands, the Content Studio team members use a holistic approach to develop cohesive and consistent messaging throughout all of a brand’s content. From short- and long-form videos to photography and GIFs, we build content from the concept to a finished product that provokes action.

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