Consumer demands are driving the evolution of commerce. As a result, brands need to create experiences that are smooth, simple, and everywhere their customers are. But building a digital commerce engine that powers the entire customer journey is no easy task.

New Commerce Site for Fashion Retailer

We created Accelerate to help brands get to market faster, cut down on development time, and provide a more impactful user experience with a top-of-the-line ecommerce site built on Salesforce Commerce Cloud.

Accelerating your commerce solution

DEG’s Accelerate solution delivers an enhanced user-centric site built on Salesforce Reference Architecture (SFRA) with additional features commonly requested by brands. Accelerate speeds up the implementation of a new Commerce Cloud site, improving development time and lowering costs.

Accelerate benefits:

  • Quickly go to market with a new ecommerce site
  • Save development time and money
  • Enhance your overall customer experience
  • Expand your product/service offering
  • Retain, acquire, and upsell your customers

Prioritizing your customers

Accelerate gives you everything you need to get your Commerce Cloud site off the ground, providing a consistent experience for your customers. DEG takes the out-of-the-box SFRA solution and includes a live style guide page and utility classes, as well as additional features that improve UX and make it easier for merchandising and marketing managers to maintain the site. The result is a user-friendly site that enhances your customers’ shopping experience.

DEG Accelerate features:

  • Live style guide page with utility classes for faster development and holistic branded experience
  • Mega navigation
  • Wish list
  • Float labels form design
  • Mini cart upgrade on the product detail page
  • Improved product page image gallery, including PDP zoom
  • Lazy loaded images for improved performance and customer experience
  • Page banner upgrade
  • Touch- and gesture-enabled Slick slider
  • More user-friendly UX
  • Streamlined and improved responsive design across devices

Platinum Salesforce Consulting Partner

DEG is one of the only partners with a deep understanding across every Salesforce cloud and the ability to bring them all together to transform your customer’s digital experiences.

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Your ideal commerce partner

Since 1999, DEG has grown as a digital experience agency, blending strategy, creativity, and technology to deliver exceptional end -to-end commerce experiences. With omnichannel, multi-store strategies and deep technical expertise in platforms like Salesforce Commerce Cloud, DEG offers an unparalleled partner experience.

We manage and analyze the complete purchase lifecycle, integrating fulfillment and other features while improving your business process to sell your product as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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