Understanding your customers at an individual level is critical to remaining relevant and pivoting your marketing strategy in this rapidly evolving landscape.

Customizing Datorama for PepsiCo’s Refreshing Consumer Insights

The most valuable currency in marketing is data, and more specifically, first-party data. To meet customers’ rising demands for a more personalized and cohesive experience, you have to dive deeper than personas to understand customers at a 1:1 level.

Investing in data and analytics

At DEG, we know first-party data is more valuable than ever, and the demand for personalized, relevant experiences has never been greater. We work with brands to capture, analyze, and glean insights from consumer data to increase their marketing effectiveness.

We also know that data is only as powerful as your ability to activate it. Our analytics team specializes in understanding customers. We leverage machine learning and data science, working to establish a solid foundation with the right data management and visualization technology to enhance your customer experience based on consumer insights.

Bringing your data to life

As an extension of your team, we delve deep into your marketing data to devise strategies that drive deeper relationships and create personalized interactions that impact your business.

Advanced Analytics

  • Predictive modeling
  • Data clustering and segmentation
  • Propensity, CLV, and attribution modeling
  • Conversion-funnel optimization
  • Next-best-action, future-purchase-pattern, churn predictions
  • Behavioral segmentation
  • Predictive offers, up-sell/cross-selling
  • Loyalty profit optimization and simulation

Solution Implementations

  • Datorama implementations
  • Tableau implementations
  • Google Analytics configuration
  • Tagging structures
  • Tagging audits and enhancement recommendations
  • Data integrations
  • Data appends

Reporting and visualization

  • Data visualizations and dashboards
  • KPI development
  • Testing and optimizations (A/B, multi-variate, hold-out)
  • Forecasting and trend analysis

The No. 1 Salesforce Consulting Partner

A 17-year Salesforce Consulting Partner, DEG leverages cross-cloud expertise to create personalized, holistic customer experiences and help brands maximize their investment in the platform.

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Your ideal analytics partner

With more than 15 years of full-service analytics experience, DEG offers an unparalleled partner experience that uncovers customer data insights and delivers dashboards and reports that inspire action.

Our experience in platforms like Salesforce’s Datorama and Tableau, as well as Alteryx, allows us to craft data visualizations that streamline information for easy consumption, make insights intuitive, and drive consensus within your organization.

We work with you to develop the right data strategy drive your business forward.

Google Premier Partner

DEG is a Google Premier Partner achieving advertising goals through priority access to industry trends, performance analysis, and competitive benchmarks via Google tools.

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Building relationships that last

With more than 20 years of experience building commerce solutions for local, national, and global brands, DEG creates optimal strategies that grow businesses. Our focus is on the long-term support of clients with our global team of resources providing expertise that produces results.

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