As a full-service digital agency, we bring together strategy, creative, and technology to deliver the best solutions across all channels. DEG, a Merkle Company has the tools and talent to help clients master every moment.

Since 1999, we’ve helped clients meet their business objectives through the creative application of technology. Our success stems from strong teams, close collaboration, and solid communication.

We’ve become one of the fastest-growing, most-respected digital agencies in America because our clients have demanded it.

Our People

Our 300+ associates get inside your business, work diligently to understand the challenges you face, and craft innovative solutions that capitalize on your opportunities.


Every decision we make is guided by the principle that it's not just about doing business, it's about how we do business.

Each of our clients has made a choice to entrust DEG with their success. We honor that choice.

Our core values both transcend our success and are responsible for it. We are driven, focused, and empowered to produce at a high quality in everything we do, and these core values exemplify how we strive to be our best.

  • Core Values

  • Do the right thing

  • Exceed client expectations

  • Demonstrate professional expertise

  • Promote collaborative innovation

  • Foster a well-rounded work environment

  • Grow profitably and sustainably

  • Maximize your potential

  • Do the right thing:

    Our paramount concern is doing what is best for our clients and associates. We deliver on our commitments and take responsibility for our actions. Our interactions with others are conducted honestly, fairly, respectfully, and with integrity. We treat others as we wish to be treated.
  • Exceed client expectations:

    Our business exists to effectively serve the needs and goals of our clients. To do that best, we forge enduring relationships with them by consistently and proactively delivering excellent service, communicating in a straightforward manner, and displaying a sincere commitment to their success.
  • Demonstrate professional expertise:

    Our greatest pride is in a job well done. Our work is best-in-class, of the highest quality, and reflects well upon our company and each other. To ensure that we lead in a rapidly evolving environment, we recruit and retain the best and smartest people to meet our business needs.
  • Promote collaborative innovation:

    Our associates are challenged to be the best they can be and better than they could ever be alone. Each associate is valued for their unique contributions, and those who honor our entrepreneurial spirit by achieving goals above and outside of the baseline are, in turn, honored.
  • Foster a well-rounded work environment:

    Work together to find the best ideas, new and better ways of doing things, and new and better things to do. In the face of a challenge, the best idea wins–no matter whose idea it is. Our approaches are reasoned, and we will always articulate a clear and reasoned rationale that inspires confidence in our actions.
  • Grow profitably and sustainably:

    The greatest long-term contribution we can make in the lives of our clients, partners, associates, suppliers, shareholders, and community is to build our company deliberately and successfully. We never cease to be entrepreneurs and to engender an ownership mentality.
  • Maximize your potential:

    Every associate contributes to a positive, trusting, and mutually-supportive atmosphere. We want you to pursue outside interests, prioritize your family, contribute to your community, and actively travel. Aligning such diverse experiences with professional goals produces a rich and meaningful workplace for us all.

Ready to Evolve?

There’s no catch. No monster around the corner. Just a rapidly growing digital agency where the best idea wins and we rely on smart and talented people like you to stay on top of the digital landscape.

We’re here because we love what we do. We’re looking for driven, passionate, and talented individuals with an entrepreneurial spirit to help us shape the future of digital.

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